Rooftop Roofing has a special eco friendly roofing department focused on eco friendly roofing. If it is what you want, rooftop roofing can help you GO GREEN. We offer numerous eco friendly roofing alternatives to assist our customers in making their property more energy efficient and, in many instances, also save them money. Some of our customers choose to limit their projects impact on the environment by reducing waste by selecting an Energy-Star rated roof with a lifetime warranty or utilizing salvaged slate or tiles. Other customers choose to double up on their eco friendly roofing alternatives such as installing solar panels on their roofs to provide energy back to the grid – and have their roof create a revenue stream for them – and help to pay for itself.  Furthermore, going “green” can save you green! Rooftop Roofing can also advise you on what tax rebates, incentives and credits available should you choose to install eco friendly roofing. Whichever way you choose to GO GREEN, we are here to help.


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