We understand that our clients have their choice of Commercial Roofing Contractors. It’s a tough market out there and the roofing contractors market is very competitive,.

We have spent more than 30 years learning how to stand out as your ‘ roofing company near me ‘.

About Rooftop Roofing
Commercial Roofing Contractors

in 2004, we downsized Rooftop Roofing, Inc from a company with hundreds of employees to a medium sized roofing company. In our Miami office, we have a commercial & large loss office in Boca Raton with a specialization in storm damage and remediation. In our Denver, Colorado Office, we manage mainly commercial roofing and specialize in Hail damage, weather damage and remediation, with a focus solely as a commercial roofing contractor (we sometimes provide residential roofing contractor services for exceptional cases). We currently employ four salesmen, a small marketing team and anywhere between 10 and 75 fulltime and contract roofers at any given time. We used to employ more than 60 salespeople and four times that number of roofers, but we have determined our true strengths are in the personalized  service we can provide our high net worth and commercial roofing clients who need our insurance claim process knowledge and background in fighting insurance companies. providing this personalized service is hard to maintain when one is building a hundred roofs at a time at a time. We pride ourselves on being a high-end contractor with a focus on our core experience and strengths, mainly being commercial roofing and large loss residential roofing with a particular focus on complicated and complex insurance claim elements.

We are BBB A+ rated and Tom Martino approved. 

We have recently completed projects varying in price up to 8 digits and our References include McDonald’s Restaurant, Subway, Marie Callender’s Restaurant, Viscount Gort Hotel, St Boniface Hospital, Emerald Pointe Condos, Lago Grande 7 & many more.

We have been interviewed by television, consulted by industry experts, and considered a market leader and disruptor with our innovative business approach to the industry, putting quality above volume and ensuring our clients always get a fair and honest deal. Our innate sense of justice and “fair play” is your guarantee that you will always feel like you made the right decision in calling us at the end of every job we do for you. In an industry where it is rare to see a client more than once, we find we have a high rate of return customers from our property manager and commercial property owners wishing us to undertake multiple jobs for them after having done the first one.

Our reputation is solid. We not only provide education and industry knowledge to our installers, but we also own a Public Adjusters and and Insurance Claims School, we consult to other roofing companies providing them with advice and assistance. Our public adjuster experience is invaluable to your roofing insurance claim process and if your insurance company is underpaying your claim, or practicing any one of hundreds of insurance company delay tactics they use to reduce your insurance claim, our extensive experience with the insurance claim process allows us to quickly and efficiently stop them from playing games.

We work commercial claims for roofers all over The USA, Canada and the Caribbean for very large complicated claims.

How do we stand out in Roofing?

Roofing with Integrity

We know that the foundation for our success is based not only on the quality of your commercial roofing repairs but also the integrity we build into our roofer-client relationships.

Reliable Roofing

We work closely with our customers to ensure that deadlines and budgets are met while we maintain the highest quality standards in the commercial roofing industry.

Roof Insurance Advice

We put our extensive insurance industry experience to work to make sure that your roof insurance claims are handled towards the greatest possible outcome for you.

Dedicated Roofing Professionals

When you call us, you are assigned your roof repair a Professional Roofing Expert who works with you through every step of the roof repair; from initial consultation and roof damage assessment to roofing construction to final clean-up.

We give you a level personalized service and attention unrivalled in even the American roof repair industry. We do this so you will be happy to have Rooftop Roofing be your ‘ roofer near me ‘ for your commercial roofing contractor needs.

With field offices throughout the United States, including Colorado, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, Rooftop Roofing has competently served the roofing construction needs of its commercial and residential customers throughout North America and the Caribbean since 1997. During this time, Rooftop Roofing has earned a reputation for a dedication to excellence and a commitment to its customer’s satisfaction.

In addition to being commercial roofing contractors, Rooftop Roofing has developed a depth of expertise and special skills to help our clients get the fairest roofing insurance claims settlements by working with the best engineers, public adjusters, and appraisers. We have found that assisting our commercial roofing customers understand the insurance claim process helps to reduce the additional stress of needing a roof replacement or commercial roof repair after a major weather or other unforeseen event. We at Rooftop Roofing are happy that we are able to successfully advise our customers about damages to their property and successfully guide them through the insurance claims process.

Are you in the middle of a roofing insurance claim? Have you seen your roof insurance claim denied?

Our team has skills not commonly found in the roofing industry. If you have an open – or even a closed claim – and roof damage insurance, we may be able to show you how to get a new roof for free.

We may even be able give you a roof for free while you wait for your roof insurance claim to settle.

In some cases, we not only pay for a new roof for free, but can arrange to cover all your legal costs, public adjuster fees, etc…

What more have you got to lose?

We will give you a free roof estimate, a free roof inspection and maybe even a free roof replacement! Call us now.