About Phil Coutu


First and foremost, Phil is a devoted husband and father of three children. Anyone who knows him will also tell you he is a dedicated friend and member of the community. Phil is a spiritual man with a strong sense of justice.

Most importantly to you as a client, Phil is a keen and vocal advocate for “doing the right thing” and a roofing company industry leader always in pursuit of getting a fair shake for the insured homeowner.

Roofing Contractor

Phil started his career as a roofing contractor in 1989 in Winnipeg Manitoba as a roofing labourer carrying shingles for a roofing company. From there, he quickly moved into roofing installation, and within a couple of years, he had his own roofing company. His innovations in the applications of roofing materials, his business and personal style and his guerilla marketing methods soon earned him the title of “Best Young Entrepreneur in Canada”.

The Canadian roofing season is short, and not long after this, Phil moved south, where he opened a permanent roofing contractor office in Florida. Shortly after his arrival, there was a spate of hurricanes and hail storms all around the southern United States. Phil decided to maintain his permanent business in Florida and provide services to disaster recovery in satellite states.

Phil had reached business success in the southern US.

He was operating hundreds of roofing crews and replacing thousands of roofs per year. He had developed a reputation for quality roof repair and moral integrity.

…but something was wrong.

Phil was seeing a vast number of insured homeowners that were having to take money out of their own pockets to pay for partial or even all of their roof repairs. Some had a roof insurance claim denied; others had an insurance claim underpaid while yet others had to suffer insurance company delay tactics. These situations made up a significant percentage of the work Phil was doing for disaster victims.

How could this be fair?

Phil decided he could not stand by and watch victims of “acts of God” also become victims of their insurance providers.

Roofing Insurance Adjuster

Phil needed to understand the insurance industry to better defend his clients; But where could a person learn how it all worked? The answer was simple – the industry itself.

So Phil shut down his successful roofing company and went to work for “big insurance”.
Phil started working at a large insurance company where he learned about insurance adjusting from the inside. He took internal insurance adjusting courses and he dealt with management and hierarchy, learning from the insurance companies themselves how they handle claims, how they delay claims, how they pay claims or not pay claims.

After several years of working on providers side, Phil decided he would learn the other side of the fence and started work in public adjusting, dealing with the insurance companies on behalf of the insured.

Phil was now able to put his construction and tradesman knowledge to work, defending insured parties in their claims, fighting for clients with a roof insurance claim denied; an insurance claim underpaid or when they were suffering from insurance company delay tactics.

Phil also became successful as an insurance adjuster.

Over the course of 6 years, he worked on both sides of claims for State Farm, Allstate, USSA, Travelers, Zurich Na and Citizens and others. He ended up working mainly as a celebrity, large-loss and complex claims adjuster, working on claims for celebrities such as Bob Villa, large-loss claims approaching 10 million dollars and even a single claim with more than 130 buildings.

After this time learning the insurance business, it was time for Phil to go back to his first love; roofing.

Roofing Contractor

Phil went back into roofing full time and used his insurance industry expertise and roofing contractor knowledge to defend insured parties when they need it.

Phil is probably one of the most sought after roofing and expert witnesses used in roofing insurance claims in the United States. He brings all of his roofing experience as well as his insurance adjusting experience to bear for the benefit of his clients.

Being a champion for the insured is not without cost to Phil.


Phil is no stranger to legal battles. Because his business involves the protection of insured persons, he often ends up in litigation with parties that have tried to exploit an insured person when they are most in need of the insurance they paid for.

As a Matter of fact, Phil has won cases that have set precedents with the supreme court of colorado, to the benefit of policy holders all across the state.

Some in the industry say that Phil’s influence has changed aspects of the way insurance claims get handled. Phil is considered a pioneer and peoples’ advocate in the realm of insurance claims settlement and Ethical handling of Assignment of Benefits. Phil has paid for new roofs for people when the insurance provider was taking advantage of the insured’s desperate situation; using insurance company delay tactics and insurance claim denial tactics to force insured homeowners to accept a lowball insurance settlement offer.

Assignment of Benefits Roofing

Phil’s efforts have created legal precedent in Colorado and some say he formed the foundation of an entire assignment of benefits roofing industry in Florida. If you talk to anyone in the Assignment of Benefits roofing industry, they will tell you, Phil is a fearless advocate for the rights of an insured party, regardless of insurance industry attacks on his business or on his person.

“Assignment Of Benefits Crisis”

Many persons and businesses have copied Mr. Coutu. Unfortunately, this includes some persons not as concerned about social justice as they are about money. Unethical or incompetent operators in the assignment of benefits roofing business provide fuel for the narrative pushed forward by the insurance industry that the practice of assignment of benefits is bad and raises insurance rates.

  • The first truth is:
  • Any industry functions best when a system of checks and balances is in place. Assignment of benefits legislation and practice provides an equilibrium against the potential for abuse held by insurance companies and their vast wealth, political power and teams of attorneys. The everyday insured party cannot stand against a concerted insurance industry effort to abuse its power should they choose to do so. Only many smaller entities fighting abuse in concert can keep the giant insurance companies honest when they choose not to be.


  • The Second truth is:
  • Holding insurance companies accountable for their policies causes an expense to the insurance industry – which lowers their profits. Insurance premiums to policyholders only ever rise in the face of the insurance company’s unwillingness to reduce their multi-billion dollar profits. This has caused Insurance companies to campaign to convince the general public that the assignment of benefits current state laws create a “crisis” in the industry.

NOTE: In a move celebrated by the lawyers and shareholders of the insurance companies, Florida has recently changed its assignment of benefits statutes, creating changes in the assignment of benefits current state laws in Florida. This does not necessarily work in the interests of the insured. For more information you can call us.

Insurance Industry Attacks on Phil Coutu

As a participant in the industry, Mr. Coutu has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to hold insurance companies accountable to the insurance policies they write to extract the premiums that they demand from insured parties.

The problem is that this also makes Phil a target for attacks launched by insurance companies interested in stopping him from defending the rights of the insured or furthering an industry that provides essential checks and balances against abuse. Unfortunately, this keeps Phil in a constant state of not only defending those who cannot defend themselves but also having to defend his own person, putting even his personal freedom at stake when the powerful insurance companies decide to attack him. In one disgusting and blatant attack on Phil because of his assistance to others, Church Mutual Insurance Company tried to use it size and economic resources to bankrupt Phil into a default judgement against him. Phil ended up spending considerable financial and emotional resources for the course of a couple years fighting them off until he put them into a position where they could not continue. In essence, Phil forced the billionaire insurance behemoth into a stalemate and won a dismissal despite the incredible financial resources and sheer number of attorneys they dedicated to stopping Phil from keeping the checks and balances in play for the consumer. This fight was nothing less than a david and goliath story told against a modern corporatocratic background. Of course, the details of the case and what forced the insurance company to back off are protected, meaning, the actions of this insurance company will never come to light… typical

Regardless of this, [i]Phil continues to work as a crusader against insurance company abuse where he sees it.

Commercial roofing contractor and large loss residential roofing contractor

If you have a commercial roofing claim or large loss residential roof claim in which you feel you could use Phil’s help. Please contact us and Phil will go over it with you.

[i] To be fair, not all insurance companies use the tactics mentioned in this content as part of their business model. In fact even those that do abuse their contracts do not do so for all contracts. Not all insurance company denials are considered abuse as the majority of them are quite clearly justified. This article specifically and solely is in reference to situations of abuse of insured party claims where clear abuse has been demonstrated.